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More about Keith

Mick Watson

Mick Watson was born in Birmingham in 1951, and spent his early years in New Zealand and Tasmania, before moving to Rutland and then Doncaster. He became a member of the Peace Pledge Union in 1966 and in 1967 spent four weeks with the Notting Hill Summer Project. It was at this point that he realized that his life had begun, complete with cowbell, flowers, and an introduction to strange and unusual substances

He was ejected from West Ham College of Technology in 1971 while waiting for the revolution to begin, and subsequently trained as a nursery school teacher.

Many years of drug and alcohol abuse and bouts of depression followed, leading to years of intensive psychotherapy. ( I realize this saga must seem very familiar to most of you , but bear with it, there's not much more.)

His musical career began while living in a squat behind Finsbury Park Station in the early nineteen eighties, where he became the frontman of a band called The Fleas, mainly covering Arthur Lee numbers, (e.g. “The snot has caked against my pants, It has turned into crystal. There's a bluebird sitting on the fence, I think I'll get my pistol”)

His introduction to country music began with a duo performing obscure Hank Williams songs, and it was during this time that he was introduced to Keith Osborne and has never looked back. It continues to amaze him why a serious and talented musician like Keith should want to work with a bumbling incompetent like him.

He currently lives near Chesterfield where he works as a part time cleaner while looking after his 92 year old mother.

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